Wimpy Benders Hit 10m.

Wimpy has celebrated the sale of its ten millionth bender since 1993, allocating the product to the newly re-styled, 82 covers outlet in Dartford High Street, which also boasts a coffee area.

The 60g Bender was cooked as part of a full meal by Yusuf Zorlu, who has owned the unit for the last eight years.

The Bender is made of cured pork which has cuts on one side so that when it is deep fried it curls – and Mr. Zorlu makes sure that happens.

On hand to celebrate the occasion was Wimpy commercial manager Anton Mostert who oversees the supply of the product which has been made for Wimpy by Snowbird foods since 1993.

“We have changed the size but it is a successful product that sells well so we haven’t messed about with the recipe”, he said.

And he forecast sales of the Bender would increase as Wimpy rolls out its successful new corporate identify with restaurants returning to the original red and white logo and offering an improved menu.

Also on hand to mark the special day was Philip Paul, managing director of Snowbird foods, which produces the recipe exclusively for Wimpy.

“This has been a long and very happy association with Wimpy and we are proud to be such a long serving supplier,” he said.

To mark the occasion Mr Paul (left) presented Wimpy with a jeroboam of champagne. It was accepted by Mr. Mostert (right).

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