Widen Red Tractor Plan, BPex Urged

Snowbird has appealed to BPex not to limit its promotional activity exclusively to consumers through the retail sector as is the case with the campaign to promote the Red Tractor label as a guarantee of quality for Food Standards Assured, high welfare pork and pork products.

The retail sector is not the only conduit between farmer and fork, Snowbird managing director Philip Paul, told BPex – both the catering and ready meals markets are multi million pound industries which are also quality conscious.

“At Snowbird the importance of the Red Tractor Pork logo as an assurance that our pig meat is of the best quality has been clearly recognised – and welcomed by our foodservice customers and ready meals manufacturers,” he wrote in an email to BPex foodservice trade sector manager, Mr. Tony Goodger.

Snowbird is the first processor of fully cooked and frozen sausages to specify outdoor bred, single source, breed specific pigmeat from Red Tractor Farm Assured holdings. This is exclusively for its Gourmet range of sausages which enjoy a meat content of 75% plus.

“I am sure that as these facts become better known more caterers and ready meals manufacturers will embrace this clear quality improvement and in doing so demonstrate their support for your Red Tractor campaign by specifying that level of quality when spending their multi million pound budgets,” he added.

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