Triple Gold for Sausages

For the second year in succession we have struck gold in the highly regarded British Pig Executive competition for the best of British sausages. Entering fully cooked and frozen sausages, Snowbird won gold in the class for traditional pork sausages with its innovative Lincolnshire sausage.

The same sausage struck silver in the classes for the best pub pork sausage and for an iconic British banger.

Another two golds were awarded to a new variety of sausage launched this summer – a Gourmet Pork & Tomato Chutney. It collected the awards in the classes for a speciality pork sausage and the best innovative pork sausage.

This nap hand of awards followed the company’s 2011 success when it won two gold awards, a silver and a bronze.

“These accolades are a huge vote of confidence from expert judges for our fully cooked sausages which will microwave from frozen in seconds,” said managing director, Philip Paul.

“We have been able to develop this new market sector thanks to the quality and convenience factors and it should be noted we have a range of sausages with significantly higher meat content then the gourmet products we entered,” he added.

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