Tavern Launches New National Sausage

The Whyteleafe Tavern in Surrey jumped the gun on British Sausage Week by becoming the first pub in the country to serve our newly-launched Gourmet Lincolnshire Sausage with “green” credentials.

Presented as Toad in the Hole and as Sausage & Mash, the new sausage proved a sell-out success.

With a meat content of 75% sourced from a single, carefully selected breed of pig and drawn from a closely knit group of farms, all of which have Red Tractor Assured “green” credentials, the sausages are made exclusively for caterers and ready meals manufacturers.

They are fully cooked and frozen in the factory so can be reheated in seconds in a microwave, batch prepared in an oven or simply defrosted to eat cold.

“This product launch has given me a huge problem,” said Tavern licensee, Tom Dempsey. “I work very hard to give my customers something different and interesting and that usually means the quality is too good for the supermarkets. Now we are trying to work out how my customers can buy these sausages for use at home.”

The two sausage-based dishes fitted in to the Tavern’s £2.99p Thursday Senior Lunch Club menu of a one course meal (sausage and mash; cod, chips and peas; lasagne, chips and side salad; and filled baked potato and side salad) with an optional dessert for a further £2.00.

“Comments from the diners were very complimentary,” said Mr. Dempsey. They varied from ‘where can we buy them’, to ‘wonderful’, ‘very, very meaty’, ‘herby but not overpowering’, ‘loved them’ and ‘the best I have tasted’.

“It was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces,” he added.

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