Taste the World in your Restaurants

Snowbird foods is offering caterers the opportunity to lead their customers on a fine-dining tour of the world – without them having to leave their seats. Meatballs are a high quality resource that are significantly under-utilised in foodservice despite the fact that every different variety needs exactly the same storage, preparation and service details.

This means that one training session can deliver the expertise needed to deliver more than twenty excitingly different menu ideas.

Snowbird meatballs are fully cooked and frozen at the factory stage so they can be microwaved to order (in seconds) or heated to 72°C in an oven for bulk orders.

The company has drawn its recipes from all over the world including Morocco, Italy, France, Australia, India, Mexico, China, Greece and Vietnam so menus can simply be refreshed by a change of product.

To drive forward an explosion of interest in the foodservice sector, Snowbird has arranged a promotion with selected frozen food wholesalers which are offering two 4 kilo units for the price of one whilst stocks last.

Buyers are being encouraged to select two different flavours, where available, so they can immediately introduce exciting variety on to their menus.

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Produced in the

United Kingdom

All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.