Spicy Sausages have a Chorizo Hit

Another money-spinning idea for mid-spend profit sector restaurants has been developed by those innovative brains in our fast-moving new product development department.

As the leader of the niche foodservice market for fully cooked and frozen sausages, Snowbird has added a new flavour to its growing portfolio of products that will heat for service in seconds in a microwave or in minutes in an oven.

Pork & Spiced Chorizo Sausages weigh in at 50g. and have a pork content of 80 per cent.

Presented in beef collagen casings and oven baked to a golden brown in the factory before being individually quick frozen, these innovative new speciality sausages contain diced chorizo and are seasoned with smoked paprika, salt, black pepper, ginger, parsley and garlic.

In addition to being an ideal centre for plated meals, the new sausages will also add spice to a barbecue.

“Our special chorizo is an ideal solution for those restaurants looking for a sausage that is so different their outlet will stand out from the crowd and attract repeat business,” said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

He added that in-house tests had shown the chorizo sausage was sufficiently well spiced to perform as a meal centre accompanied by potatoes (including mash), fried and boiled rice, pasta, noodles, mixed vegetables, salads and in casseroles.

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