Spherical Sausages Roll Out

It was the Greeks who earned the accolade for inventing the sausage more than 2,500 years ago and since then it has stood the tests of time as one of the world’s ultimate convenience foods.

Internationally, thousands of recipes have been devised, including localised delights like Lincolnshire, Cumberland, Bologna, Lyons and Berliner and, almost without exception, the sausages have been made in links of varying lengths and thickness encased in a skin which might or might not be natural.

Despite this lack of invention, innovation and enterprise it is estimated that sausages feature in a least half a billion meals in this country every year.

Now, our innovative brains in the new product development department have unveiled the biggest change in sausage making and marketing in three centuries. They have launched:

The Spherical Sausage!

Snowbird has stayed true to its award-winning recipes for pork, Lincolnshire and Cumberland and made them all gluten free at the same time.

“This might be a small step for mankind but in the sausage firmament it is a great leap forward,” said Snowbird Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

Like their traditional counterparts, Snowbird’s child-friendly Spherical Sausages are fully cooked and frozen as part of the factory process so they can be heated from frozen in a microwave in seconds or batch prepared in an oven. And, true to the Snowbird quality ethos, they are all made with British pork from outdoor bred pigs reared on Red Tractor approved farms.

Initially, these unique spherical sausages will be exclusively for the foodservice and ready meals sector.

They are available in bulk and in units of varying quantities.

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