Snowbird’s Sweet Sausage Success

The innovative new product team at Snowbird foods has producing a stunning new twist on the traditional banger. It’s a sweet sausage!

A Pork & Bramley Apple 80g sausage is the latest addition to the top quality Gourmet Plus range and it’s the first to have a meat content of less then 95%.

“We had to take some out to make room for the apple and the special blend of seasoning which includes honey, cinnamon, Demerara sugar and sea salt,” said Snowbird Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

The new recipe meets all the requirements of the range. It is minced, mixed and filled into natural casings to deliver a firm texture and a deliciously plump crescent shape to make the perfect main meal centre.

As with all Snowbird sausages, it is fully cooked in the factory to present a golden brown sausage which can quickly be microwaved or oven heated from frozen.

“During trials we found one caterer who had even tested it as a dessert offering, hot with custard and cold with vanilla ice cream or yoghurt and customers had been very surprised to find how well these sausages work as a pudding as well as a main course meal centre,” added Mr. Paul.

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United Kingdom

All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.