Snowbird Rolls Out International Meatballs

Snowbird has added even more international appeal to its award-winning range of frozen and fully cooked meatballs with the introduction of two new flavours which are redolent of Iberia and the Americas.

Spain’s most famous cheese – Manchego – has been finely grated and blended with beef and pork. That mix is flavoured with onion, garlic, salt, parsley, smoked paprika and black pepper to produce a round shaped product which is oven cooked and available in sizes from 10g upwards.

Also weighing in at 10g or upwards is the Devilishly Spiced Chilli Meatball, a round, oven cooked and flash fried pork product which is flavoured with peppers, onion, black pepper, fennel, salt, brown sugar, basil, garlic, nutmeg and thyme.

“These hugely complex recipes proved necessary to deliver the exciting tastes we were looking for,” said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul. “They had to be of the very highest quality to earn a place in our range of meatballs,” he added.

The established selection includes, Italian, French, Chinese Chicken, Moroccan Turkey, Moroccan, Australian Kangaroo, Indian Spiced Lamb, American Smoky BBQ Pork, Greek, Italian, Red Pepper & Pork and nearer, to home, Faggots in Dark Brown Gravy.

All Snowbird meat balls are available in 2 x 6kg inners to a unit.

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United Kingdom

All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.