Snowbird Cracks European Pizza Market

As a leading UK manufacturer of ready meals components Snowbird foods has made huge inroads into the massive German frozen food market.

Now Snowbird is celebrating deals to supply two of Europe’s largest manufacturers of frozen, family size and individual pizzas.

The product which had German buyers’ home economists and technical staff poring over Snowbird’s BRC accredited factory in Enfield, London, was a coin shaped, 21mm x 15mm cut of fully cooked and frozen slices of the company’s popular Gourmet Sausages which make an ideal topping for pizzas.

For sandwich makers, Snowbird is cutting 50g Pork, Lincolnshire and Cumberland sausages are cut along their 28mm length into two or three slices.

The defrost and serve slices provide excellent bread cover and minimise handling, with the triple sliced sausage enabling sandwich makers to more easily add other ingredients.

All the defrost and serve sausages can quickly be re-heated, including by microwave and because they are fully cooked at the factory stage, have an appetising golden brown appearance.

Other flavours can be made available as required.

“The convenience of these fully cooked, pre-sliced and cut sausages for sandwiches and pizzas cannot be overstated. There are cost-effectively saving a lot of preparation time and effort as our big German customers have found”, said Snowbird Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

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