Snowbird Celebrates its Magnificent Seven

Snowbird foods is celebrating a “Magnificent Seven” awards in food competitions through 2009 – demonstrating quality, innovation and diversity. The highpoint of the year was an historic victory in the British Turkey Federation’s awards for The Best Innovative Product of the year.

Turkey Tuckers represent Snowbird’s first foray into the sector. They are balls of turkey breast and leg meat which follow Moorish tradition and are flavoured with mint, chilli, cumin, fresh and ground coriander, salt, onions, garlic, figs and apricots.

The products are fully cooked in the factory in a combination oven which steams and roasts the balls. They are then flash fried to enhance visual appeal and packed IQF in three kilo bags. Turkey Tuckers can be heated from frozen in seconds in a microwave and they will also oven bake.

The fruit delivers a level of sweetness that renders ketchup superfluous, making them a perfect addition to children’s meals.

A child’s portion of two/three balls delivers plate appeal when served with cous cous, pasta, long grain rice or potatoes and a green salad.

Turkey Tuckers are an attractive school meals option and are equally popular with adults as a starter or main meal centre. Once heated, they will hold for hours under lights and retail their distinctive flavour and juicy texture.

Other successes for the new product development team included the California Raisin board competition, with Amazin’ Raisin Chicken Balls; Meat Management, Manufacturer of the Year, finalist; the British Frozen Food Federation, Best New Starter/Buffet/Appetiser product, bronze with Moroccan Chicken Meat Balls; and Food Processing, Ingredients, Manufacture and Use class, finalist with honey as a replacement for dextrose.

The Magnificent Seven were completed by silver and bronze awards in the British Pig Executive competition for foodservice sausages.

Managing director Philip Paul said he had challenged the product team to prove itself in competitions and they had picked up the gauntlet.

“I knew how good they are and now they believe it. I owe them a good lunch,” he added.

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