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Food Manufacturing

We work closely with other food manufacturers supplying components for ready meals, food to go, canned produce, pizza, soup and pies.

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Food Service

All our products can be heated directly from frozen in the microwave or oven providing convenience for the food service sector. Premium taste and quality provide the ultimate dining experience.

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We provide a wide range of products to wholesalers with flexible packing formats from 2.1kg to 12kg case sizes.

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Airline & Travel

Our products are used as component ingredients in the airline and travel industry. They can be heated directly from frozen or defrosted and eaten straight away, providing a quick and convenient food solution for this sector.

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Cost Sector

Our products are used in various high volume catering environments including schools and hospitals. We can cater for specific dietary requirements including gluten free, low fat and low salt products.

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Our reliable logistical network has enabled us to grow our customer base, exporting products abroad to countries such as Spain, Belgium and Italy. We develop bespoke recipes to suit international palates.

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Produced in the

United Kingdom

All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.