Seconds Out For Sausage Light Bites

A Sussex country pub celebrated British Sausage Week with a special day serving British bangers which proved so successful that licensee Becky Middleton extended the event into a week-long festival.

During that time chef Chris. Roberts prepared over 200 meals at the Vinols Cross Inn in the picturesque village of West Hoathley, many of them using our new Quick & Easy Light Bite service.

Re-opened less than a year ago, the inn has become a destination food outlet attracting custom from as far a field as Redhill and Tunbridge Wells as well as East and West Sussex.

To cope with the rush of orders Ms Middleton chose our fully cooked and frozen Gourmet Sausages and the multi-award winning sausages proved a boon in the kitchen.

“Because they will microwave in seconds we were able to prepare meals to order so there was no waste and no time consuming delays,” said Mr. Roberts.

For Ms Middleton a huge plus was the quality. “The sausages have a high meat content and they are well seasoned. That attracted a number of customers to visit us more than once in the week,” she said.

The event saw the official launch of the Quick and Easy Light Bite recipe service for caterers. It features a number of easy-to-cook meals which can be prepared in ten minutes or less delivering speed, convenience and profit to Snowbird customers.

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