Sausages Taste Of Tuscany

A special focus on its Tuscan recipe is enabling fully cooked and frozen sausage specialist Snowbird foods to offer a Taste of Italy to caterers and ready meals manufacturers.

The recipe, one of a series created by development chefs over a period of a year, proved the star of the super premium Gourmet Plus Chipolatas range launched by the company.

With a meat content of 85%, the recipe excludes extenders like rusk or cereal.

It introduces Tuscany to the taste buds thanks to the blend of garlic, ginger, oregano, nutmeg, coriander and whole fennel seeds which are used to season selected pork meat.

In addition to defrost and eat or heat and eat 25g cocktail sausages (in collagen casings) the recipe is being offered in a range of larger sizes, up to 80g, all of them in natural casings. The sausages will microwave or oven heat from frozen.

Snowbird recommends the recipe as a main meal centre, as pizza topping, with pasta and jacket potatoes and coin cut into soups.

“It took a lot of hard work to create a recipe this good but the response from customers was so positive it made it all worthwhile,” said Snowbird Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

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