Sausage Solution Curries Flavour

The new product development has come up with an innovative solution to a problem which has long faced customers of fast food outlets.

Fish and chip shops and other take aways have traditionally met the demand for a curry “hit”, both from lager drinkers and others, with tubs of a hot, spicy and highly coloured liquid mixture.

“Shirt fronts the morning after have clearly demonstrated that this is not a good idea, partly because the tubs can be too hot to handle and partly because a smooth chip dipped into the mixture makes drips inevitable,” said Snowbird Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

For the Snowbird team the solution was simple. They have created a Curry Sausage which delivers the heat and flavour of a good curry and, because the flavouring is inside a skin, there is no mess.

Made with a generous beef filling the Curry Sausages are initially available in both 60 and 80g sizes and meet all Food Standards Authority fat and salt requirements for 2012.

The complex recipe, which delivers a balance of heat, flavour and texture, includes beef, rusk, oil, spices, garlic powder, herbs and wheat flour.

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