Sandwich Ideas win Big Awards

Huge success has been enjoyed by Snowbird foods with its award-winning selection of ingredients which are used by caterers requiring consistent, top quality components.

The Pizza & Pasta Association gave the company an award for its 5ml. Gourmet Plus Cumberland Sausage Coins and earlier it had selected the company’s Mini Beef Burgers as one of its top products.

A turkey product from Snowbird was selected by the British Sandwich Association as a top sandwich idea and innovative and high quality Moroccan Chicken Meatballs have been successful in a number of competitions including that organised by the British Frozen Food Federation.

A highlight for Snowbird was its “Winner” accolade at the Café Life awards for its Gourmet Pork & Spiced Chorizo Sausage and it has celebrated further awards for Pork Chilli Meatballs, Cumberland and Lincolnshire Sausages and Pork & Chorizo Meatballs, along with the hugely successful Meat Bites.

At around 4g. each, the Meat Bites are irregularly shaped pieces of pork, beef, lamb and turkey and have proved hugely popular in wraps, sandwiches, lunch boxes and snack pots.

As with all Snowbird products, including length cut sausage links, the bites are fully cooked and frozen at the factory stage so can be heated (not cooked) in seconds in a microwave top a core temperature at 72°C or in large batches in an oven – or simply defrosted for cold service.

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All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.