Oriental Ambience With Thai Chicken Balls

Summoning the ambience of the Orient are Thai Chicken Balls, an exciting and versatile offering from the New Product Development Kitchen at Snowbird foods which has revised and significantly improved this product.

With a stunning 73% chicken (half of which is breast and half thigh meat). Snowbird has delivered an exciting low fat, low salt product – the salt content is well below the 2012 targets set by the Food Standards Authority.

Successful test markets favoured sizes between 20 and 25g for the balls which are flavoured with fresh ginger, chilli and coriander, plus onions and selected spices, including a tiny pinch of salt.

They are fully cooked in the factory in a combination oven which steams and roasts the balls before they are flash fried to enhance their appearance – it’s a delightful golden brown.

Each ball is individually quick frozen at the conclusion of the cooking process, thus enabling caterers to microwave them in seconds or oven bake in bulk.

With their low fat, low salt recipe, Snowbird Thai Chicken Balls are an ideal product for children’s menus and in test markets with adults have proved popular on finger buffets and both as starters (with salad and a dip) and as main course meal centres.

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