January, 2017

Snowbird – The Free From Solutions Specialist

Snowbird has demonstrated its expertise in balancing recipes whilst introducing dominant flavours like leeks, chilli, chorizo, cranberries and even tomato chutney. As part of its strategic, on-going Clean Eating Campaign, the company steers clear of allergens and is waging war against additives like sodium and ... Read more

December, 2016

Tech and NPD Teams are Beefed Up

Snowbird foods has very considerably beefed up its technical and new product development services with three appointments, two of them at a very senior level. Named as the new technical manager by the fully cooked and frozen sausage and meatballs company is Tony Crilly. A ... Read more

November, 2016

Sharing Food is Ultra Convenient

Sharing food is fast growing in popularity and Snowbird foods has extended the available options with an ultra-convenient selection of award-winning mini sausages and burgers, meatbites, poppers and meatballs, so street vendors can offer a Mighty Meaty Platter that will generate serious repeat business. Poppers ... Read more

September, 2016

Sandwich Ideas win Big Awards

Huge success has been enjoyed by Snowbird foods with its award-winning selection of ingredients which are used by caterers requiring consistent, top quality components. The Pizza & Pasta Association gave the company an award for its 5ml. Gourmet Plus Cumberland Sausage Coins and earlier it ... Read more

August, 2016

Gluten Free – The £100M Catering Bonanza

Catering tills could soon be ringing to the tune of an extra £100m. a year thanks to Snowbird foods. The company has achieved the holy grail of making children's menus more interesting whilst meeting the needs of the estimated 750,000 UK coeliacs of all ages ... Read more

June, 2016

Eureka – It’s A Sicilian Meatball!

Archimedes had his eureka moment displacing water in a bath tub on the island of Sicily. The result was a principle which led to the creation of a fundamental law of physics. Snowbird foods had its special moment in a factory in North London. The ... Read more

April, 2016

Turkey Tuckers A Sweet Sensation

Sausage and meat balls specialist Snowbird foods has improved and re-launched its first ever product utilising turkey. Turkey Tuckers are frozen, fully cooked meat balls with a Moroccan flavour profile. Fruit has been added for sweetness and chilli for heat. Following Moorish tradition, they are ... Read more

March, 2016

A Mighty Meaty Sharing Platter 2

Adding a new dimension to Sharing Platters is Snowbird foods. The company offers a selection of award-winning mini sausages and burgers, meatbites, poppers and meatballs, so caterers can offer a Mighty Meaty Platter that will generate serious repeat business. Poppers are exciting meatballs with attitude ... Read more

January, 2016

Versatile Koftes A Challenge For Diners

Versatile Mini Koftes from Snowbird foods are proving a welcome and challenging addition to the menus of a number of mid-spend restaurants and, the company reports, they are being used in many different ways. Their authentic Middle Eastern flavour has ensured repeat purchases of the ... Read more

December, 2015

Spherical Sausages Roll Out

It was the Greeks who earned the accolade for inventing the sausage more than 2,500 years ago and since then it has stood the tests of time as one of the world's ultimate convenience foods. Internationally, thousands of recipes have been devised, including localised delights ... Read more

November, 2015

A Mighty Meaty Sharing Platter

Chilli Meat Balls is the latest product to emerge from the new product development department at Snowbird foods. Whilst best known for its fully cooked sausages, Snowbird has developed a wide range of fully cooked meat balls which are doing duty as meal centres, bun ... Read more

August, 2015

Christmas Comes Early 2

Christmas is coming early for customers of innovative Snowbird foods. We have for caterers and ready meals manufacturers put together an exciting hamper full of seasonal specials, using both new and established ideas from our fully cooked and frozen products ranges. Sure to star is ... Read more

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