New Dimension For British Sandwiches

Adding a new dimension to the great British sandwich is Snowbird foods. It claims to be the largest supplier of fully cooked and frozen sausages in the UK. Cooked at the factory stage, the food safe sausages are a uniform golden brown and can be re-heated from frozen in seconds for hot service.

Snowbird has developed a technique for cutting sausages length ways without separating the two halves.

Two sausages fully cover a slice of bread, reducing handling and preparation time in the kitchen. Coin shaped pieces of cross cut sausages are also available.

The innovative factory systems which produce these styles can be used on any recipe so sandwich manufacturers can pick their own monthly specials, including Gourmet, Highland and Steak and Ale, to sell alongside traditional offerings like English Pork, Scotch Beef, Cumberland and Lincolnshire.

Sausages slices are another recent innovation, a 35g slice being ideal for a five inch bun. The slices can be made and vacuum packed to any weight between 25 and 45g.

Another successful idea is a Roasted Stuffing Log. In test markets one sandwich maker simply cut the log and placed slices between bread before adding a dressing whilst a second shredded the log into a mayonnaise mix for spreading.

Two recipes are immediately available: pork sage and onion; and a vegetarian sage and onion. Others can be developed on demand.

The 1.5 kilo blocks are 500ml long, 100ml high and 1.25 ml wide. Golden brown in appearance, they can be re-heated from frozen in 20 minutes or simply defrosted for cold service.

Newest of all from the Snowbird flow line of bright ideas is the use of 20g. fully cooked meat balls in hand held snacks.

An appetising line up of five, suitably sauced and presented in a 5in. top sliced bun, makes an excitingly different alternative to other hot, hand held snacking solutions.

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