Koftes are our Turkish delight

A new and exciting addition to its growing list of buffet and hand-held, food-to-go products which will double as a ready meal centre has been unveiled by Snowbird foods. Lamb Koftes are skinless irregularly shaped pieces which are fully cooked and frozen as part of the production process so they can be heated from frozen in a microwave in seconds or in batches in an oven. They can also simply be defrosted for cold service.

They contain in excess of 90% lamb and Snowbird has used more than twenty herbs, spices and flavourings to generate an authentic Middle Eastern taste.

These include onion, potato starch, black pepper, cardamom, chilli, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, mint, parsley, thyme, lemon juice, mustard seeds, salt, garlic powder, red bell peppers and crushed chillies.

“This is another example of our being able to generate an authentic recipe because of the inspired work of our new product development team,” said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

Created with adults in mind, the koftes can also be targeted at menus for older children as the delicate “heat” of the product will help young palates develop more mature tastes.

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