Kids Stuff

An exciting way ahead with Snowbird foods

Current children’s menus in the foodservice sector are on the dull side of dire and largely consist of standard recipe mini burgers, pizza slices, fish fingers or goujons and minced meat, plus, sparingly, scaled down versions of adult meals (try that with a lamb chop).

A number of caterers have commendably sought to make family meal occasions more pleasurable by creating puzzles, quizzes and toys to occupy children at the table over a long enough period for the adults to enjoy the meal occasion.

Snowbird foods is taking a different approach: it is presenting a solution to the problem of bored children by making the food so interesting they are happy to stay at the dining table long enough to enable a family meal to be a fun occasion.

We are making Kids Stuff more interesting

Kids Stuff
Snowbird foods has met the challenge of making out-of-home children’s menus more interesting by developing a selection of excitingly new and different, top quality products to tempt young palates. Fully cooked and frozen for simply re-heating in seconds straight from the freezer, our unique selection includes:

  • BBQ Flavour Pork Meatballs
  • Beef and Ginger Meatballs
  • Beefy Mini Burgers
  • Pork and Bacon Crackers *
  • Pork and Sweet Chilli Bangers (mild heat)
  • Porky Chipolatas
  • 11 and 30g. Kids Porky Sausages
  • Mini New York Style Hot Dogs
  • Lamb Koftes
  • 8g. Kids Beefy Meatballs

* This is a child-friendly version of Pigs in Blankets with the bacon on the inside!

All these products have a minimum British meat content of 75 per cent and all of them conform to Food Standards Authority low salt and low fat requirements.

Accompanied by our competitive price list, a sample pack of selected products can be couriered to buyers for evaluation.

Simply indicate your choice of products and e-mail your requirements to giving dates when your company would be able to receive fully cooked and frozen samples for immediate transfer to your freezer facility.

For further information contact: Philip Paul on 020 8805 9222.

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All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.