Goodness Gracious: Great Balls Of Fire!

A winter warmer with style has been introduced by Snowbird foods and its versatility means it is guaranteed to be a sizzling sales success.

Fireballs are a perfectly textured 56% meat (half and half pork and beef) meat ball which can be eaten hot or cold.

The recipe includes onion, red pepper, breadcrumbs (for that chewy texture), crushed chilli flakes, black pepper, basil, oregano and natural herbs and spices.

It is available in specified sizes from 15 to 50g with the smaller balls ideal for rolls, wraps and as buffet items.

Larger sizes are for plated meals and are ideal with potatoes and vegetables or short pasta and can even make a risotto interesting.

The new recipe follows customer demand for different ideas based on the huge popularity of Snowbird’s Italian meat balls.

Unit size is four kilos.

“Fireballs have a distinctive kick but they don’t know you for six”, said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul. “It’s a real winter recipe and out meaty version of a Fisherman’s Friend,” he added.

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