Gluten Free – The £100M Catering Bonanza

Catering tills could soon be ringing to the tune of an extra £100m. a year thanks to Snowbird foods. The company has achieved the holy grail of making children’s menus more interesting whilst meeting the needs of the estimated 750,000 UK coeliacs of all ages who are allergic to gluten.

Definitive market research by the company identified these two needs as major weaknesses in the foodservice offer in the UK and Snowbird challenged its innovative New Product Development Department to create a selection of products that were gluten free, wholesome, interesting and attractive both to young diners and adults with special needs.

“Traditional products like beef, pork and chicken meatballs, plus mini beefburgers, koftes, meat bites and Snowbird’s unique spherical sausage dominate the new range and it is our innovation which is going to drive sales and encourage repeat business,” said Snowbird’s Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

Extensive use has been made of fruit flavours teamed with meat and other ingredients to put success on a plate for caterers.

The ideas have been rolled out in ball shaped items of up to fifty grams using cranberries, chestnuts and thyme, apples and apricots to deliver exciting and unusual flavour combinations.

“The quality is great and the ideas are unusual, innovative and sufficiently memorable to generate repeat business from coeliacs as well as diners of all ages who are not affected from this allergy,” added Mr. Paul.

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