Give Sandwiches A Good Stuffing

Fully cooked and frozen meat balls are the latest success from Snowbird foods in the hand-held eating sector. Twenty gram balls, suitably sauced and presented in a 6in. top sliced bun, offer an excitingly different alternative to other hot, hand-held snacking solutions.

The style of presentation has led to its use with other recipes and one leading supplier to the industry has taken 50g. balls made with a unique stuffing recipe and grated them to create a sandwich filling.

“Because of their shape the balls have lots of crispy bits (from the outer casing) and it delivers a magnificent filling for sandwiches, either on its own or with accompaniments,” said Snowbird Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

Roasted Pork & Stuffing Logs are other popular choices. Slices are sandwich-bread sized and the logs can also be shredded into a mayonnaise dressing for mixing and spreading.

All Snowbird products are fully cooked before being frozen at the factory stage to provide food-safe ideas which can be defrosted and eaten cold or simply heated.

The biggest selling lines in the sector remain sausages, either cut into coin shapes or butterfly-split along their length.

Two sausages cut lengthways cover a slice of bread, significantly reducing handling and therefore preparation times.

The innovative factory systems which produce these styles can be used on any recipe so sandwich manufacturers can select monthly specials like Gourmet, Highland and Steak and Ale to sell alongside traditional offerings like Pork, Cumberland, Lincolnshire and Scotch Beef.

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