Flavour Filled Poppers Explode Onto Market

A completely new range of products – believed to be the first of its kind – has been launched by Snowbird foods into the fast growing foodservice and ready meals markets for meat balls.

The sector has expanded by 46 per cent year over year in retail and a stream of recent new product development enquiries to suggest the ready meals and foodservice sectors are following suit.

Anticipating this development, Snowbird has worked to create four varieties of unique, flavour filled 12g. meat balls for buffets. They are launched under the range name of Poppers and can be made larger for use in ready meals, wraps, etc.

“The really exciting thing about these products is that they deliver an explosion of the chosen flavour first and then the taste of the meat carrier follows to complement it and complete a unique eating experience,” said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

Food safe Poppers are fully cooked in the factory before being frozen so they can be defrosted for cold service or microwaved (in seconds) to prepare them for hot eating. They will also oven bake and can be held under lights for long periods.

The launch range comprises Beef & Ginger, Turkey & Cranberry, Fruity Lamb and BBQ Pork. The minimum meat content for all varieties is 50%.

Demonstrating the complexity of the products, Snowbird have put 60% leg and breast meat in the Turkey variant and flavoured it with cranberries, onion, rapeseed oil, wheat flour, salt, spices, herbs, garlic paste, herb extract and spices.

And, like all the others in the new range, Turkey & Cranberry Poppers meet and beat all Food Standards Authority salt and fat requirements for 2012.

Further Poppers will follow, including a vegetarian option.

“This is a stunning range of new products which will add an explosive, flavour filled dimension to buffets and other eating occasions and, now we have solved all the technical problems, we are ready to start work on bespoke developments for customers,” said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

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