Faggots For Gourmets

A 21st century faggot that will have gourmets drooling is the latest product to be given a taste, texture and aroma make-over by fully cooked sausage specialists, Snowbird foods. The company has taken a 300 years old recipe and brought it right up to date.

Lights are out – only fresh pork liver is used with prime cuts of pork meat. These are blended with rusk, sage and a secret mix of other herbs, spices and seasonings. The result is a 30g Faggot, 65 per cent of which is pork and liver, which has a moist, open texture in the centre to perfectly complement the crisp, golden brown casing.

Our bright ideas product development team has taken a traditional concept and given it a gourmet twist to bring it up-to-date and added to that the appearance and convenience of a fully cooked product that can quickly be heated straight from the freezer.

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Produced in the

United Kingdom

All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.