Eureka – It’s A Sicilian Meatball!

Archimedes had his eureka moment displacing water in a bath tub on the island of Sicily. The result was a principle which led to the creation of a fundamental law of physics. Snowbird foods had its special moment in a factory in North London.

The result was the definitive Sicilian Meatball. It is redolent of the beautiful Mediterranean island thanks to its appetising taste, attractive aroma and eye-catching appearance.

It took Snowbird no less than thirteen ingredients to flavour the juicy chicken thigh meat (80 per cent of the product) and create a culinary vision of the historic island. These included onion, parmesan cheese, rusk, top class olive oil, sultanas, pine nuts, parsley, capers, garlic, fennel, black pepper and chilli flakes.

As with all other Snowbird products, these can be microwaved from frozen or batch oven baked to a core temperature of 72 degrees C.

“It’s a good day in the factory when production of this meatball is scheduled because it puts the team in a happy holiday mood,” said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul. “I believe it will have the same effect on customers too,” he added.

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United Kingdom

All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.