Doggone! Cooked Sausages Cut Waste

Tony D’Avanzo has solved a problem at his Rolls Royce bed and breakfast in the Cotswold tourist trap of Bourton on the Water – and next door’s dog is as sick as the literal parrot!

For 15 years Italian-born Mr. D’Avanzo and his Gloucestershire wife, Angela, served a full English breakfast to die for but there was always a problem with waste.

That’s where next door’s lurcher came in.

“Sausages take a long time to prepare so I always cooked one in advance for each of our visitors,” said Mr. D’Avanzo.

Inevitably, some guests were vegetarians and others didn’t choose sausages. That’s when next door’s dog got an extra breakfast.

The problem was solved when a visitor introduced the concept of fully cooked and frozen sausages which could be microwaved to order in seconds.

Mr. D’Avanzo a Booker customer, settled on Gourmet Cumberlands from Snowbird foods.

“We tested them on the customers. They liked them and we love them because we are wasting nothing,” he said.

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