Crackers Add Pzazz To Xmas Eating

Putting some pzazz into Christmas, Snowbird foods has come up with an exciting alternative to that familiar seasonal special Pigs in Blankets.

Christmas Crackers are fully cooked and frozen 25g chipolata sausages made from moist and tender turkey thigh meat and flavoured with quality diced bacon and cranberries. They can be used as an accompaniment to a traditional Christmas meal and are equally suitable as a buffet item as they can be eaten hot or cold.

The savoury flavours of the meat are complemented by the sharp, sweet taste of the cranberries. A unique blend of herbs and spices completes a flavour profile which delivers an exciting eating experience.

“We challenged our new product development team to come up with ideas to make the Christmas eating experience more exciting and with Christmas Crackers they have cooked up a winner,” said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

From frozen, Christmas Crackers can be microwaved (in seconds) or oven baked to 72˚C, have a wonderful golden brown colour and will hold under lights for long periods.

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