Big Future for Mini Meat Bites

In a major expansion of its services to further manufacturers, Snowbird has unveiled an exciting new convenience product. Mini Meat Bites, at around 4g each, are irregular tube shaped pieces of pork, beef, lamb, chicken or turkey – or selected combinations of the meats.

The Bites have already been successfully test marketed by international pizza and ready meals manufacturers and have immediately proved attractive to wraps, sandwiches, lunch box and snack pot manufacturers as well as pizza and ready meals companies and the products are already selling as part of prepared products in one of the UK’s top five supermarkets.

Careful attention to colour has improved visibility of the bites when sprinkled on pizzas and the increased number of bites means flavour delivery is enhanced throughout entire products.

“International companies have been beating a path to our door to review these new ideas and we are confident this is going to become a pan European business for us,” said Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul

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United Kingdom

All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.