BBQ Banger a Sparkling Idea

A BBQ and Bonfire Night Banger with a difference – that’s the latest sparkling idea from the innovative new product development team at Snowbird foods.

Perfectly timed to enjoy rocketing sales on Bonfire Night is the Smoky BBQ Gourmet Pork Sausage. With its high quality meat content of 75 per cent, it is a welcome and traditional English alternative to processed hot dogs and will add quality to any outdoor food offer.

With a smoky flavour (added by a secret process) introducing a new dimension to Snowbird’s traditional Gourmet Pork Sausage and complementing the tastes of chilli, paprika, mustard and lemon, the product is being welcomed by pub groups, ready meals manufacturers and sandwich makers as well as frozen food wholesalers seeking to make their offer more interesting and therefore more profitable.

Snowbird recommends the links should be defrosted before being heated on a barbecue. In other circumstances Smoky BBQ Pork Sausages can be microwaved (in seconds) or oven baked from frozen.

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All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.