A Mighty Meaty Sharing Platter 2

Adding a new dimension to Sharing Platters is Snowbird foods. The company offers a selection of award-winning mini sausages and burgers, meatbites, poppers and meatballs, so caterers can offer a Mighty Meaty Platter that will generate serious repeat business.

Poppers are exciting meatballs with attitude – the difference is that they have a selection of built-in flavours. Beef is teamed with ginger, turkey with cranberry (or a spicy and fruity alternative), lamb with apricot and pork with BBQ flavouring. There is also a chicken variant.

Mini burgers are always popular and there are award-wining sausages like 12g. pork cocktails. There is a range of sausage coins which includes pork and beef, beef, Cumberland, Lincolnshire and Halal.

The big three meatballs are beef, lamb and pork (in smallish sizes for sharing platters!) and even smaller are 4g. pork meatbites and a memorably flavoursome merguez beef option.

For variety (and a vegetarian option) there are stuffing balls flavoured with lemon and thyme, chestnut and thyme and the long-lasting favourite, sage and onion.

“Many of these products are must-have buffet items which have proved enduringly popular so it is a natural extension of their use to present them as a sharing platter” said Snowbird Joint Managing Director, Philip Paul.

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All meat products are produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.