Quick and convenient, Stuffing Balls from Snowbird foods are a versatile range of products which are popular and inexpensive and have excellent eye appeal and plate coverage.

Presented in different ways, they can be sliced for plated salads or shredded for sandwich fillings. A complete range of cooking styles is incorporated in the Snowbird range: steamed, grilled, oven-baked, fried and traditionally smoked, if required, offering customers every style of cooking.

Fully cooked, golden brown and ready to reheat from frozen.

Range available:

Innovative Snowbird recipes feature cranberries, Bramley apples, herbs, meat and vegetarian options.

Balls from 15 gram to 50 gram.

Recipes to try:

Pork, Sage & Onion and Sage & Onion.

Traditional Roast Dinner

Traditional Roast Dinner

with 3 x 30 gram Sage and Onion Stuffing Balls.

Chunky Turkey Sandwich

Chunky Turkey Sandwich

with cranberry sauce, grated stuffing, mayonnaise and rocket.

Reheating Guidelines:

Oven bake from frozen 200°c: 1 x 50 gram Stuffing Ball = 5 minutes.
Adjust timings for product quantity and size.