Special Cafe Service

Speedy Solutions For Cafés

Hastening cafeterias into an exciting and forward-looking savoury 21st century offer which combines the ambience of a fine dining environment with the pace of a fast food operation, Snowbird foods has generated a selection of specialist menu options which will add a new dimension to the sector.

It will mean operators can generate the speed and convenience of fast food service within a high class environment in which hot meals can quickly be generated without the cooking odours and environmental adulteration normally associated with frying.

At the heart of this are two functional ingredients – award-winning sausages and meatballs, all made from British meat. The clever bit is that they are all fully cooked and frozen at the production stage.

This means the products can be microwaved from frozen in seconds. That eliminates waste and avoids the smells and environmental distastefulness normally associated with hot fat or oil.

High quality hot food can thus quickly be prepared and served in a pleasant environment.

The Snowbird portfolio of microwavable products (they can also be prepared quickly in batches in an oven) includes the classic pork, Lincolnshire and Cumberland sausages, plus a variant which could spearhead any menu.

It is a healthy, high fibre recipe with reduced fat and salt levels which is both dextrose and gluten free. With a meat content of 85%, it is immediately available in the pork, Cumberland and Lincolnshire variants. Thanks to a secret honey ingredient these sausages taste wonderful and are a glorious golden brown. They are sure to become an iconic flagship product for cafes.

Snowbird’s meatballs deliver international variety and are low fat, low salt, low carbohydrate and always high quality.