Poppers are an exciting, innovative and versatile idea from our busy new product development team here at Snowbird foods and they are the first of their kind. Food competition judges clearly agree as Poppers have already collected several major awards.

Poppers are meat balls with a difference and the difference is that they have a selection of built in flavours.

They are presented to help caterers and ready meals manufacturers cash in on the huge growth in popularity of the sector. In the retail market, for which figures are available, year over year growth has been recorded at nearly 50 per cent.

Snowbird has created five flavour – filled variants using Britain’s top five meats and they are offered in a bite sized 4g. balls for buffets (eat them hot or cold) and in larger sizes for ready meals and wraps, etc.

Poppers deliver an explosion of the chosen flavour first and then the taste of the meat carrier follows to complement it and complete a unique eating experience.

Poppers are fully cooked in the factory before being frozen so they can be defrosted for cold service or microwaved (in seconds) to prepare them for hot eating. They will also ovenbake and can be held under lights for long periods.

Recipes to try:

Take your pick from our range which includes Beef & Ginger, Turkey & Cranberry (or a spicy and fruity alternative), BBQ Pork and Lamb & Raisin (plus a Fruity Lamb). There is also a Chicken variant. Minimum meat content is 50 per cent.

Features of the Poppers Range

All poppers conform to Food Standards Authority salt and fat requirements for 2012. The complexity of the Poppers range is evidenced by the Turkey & Cranberry recipe. It contains 60 per cent leg and breast meat flavoured with cranberries, onion, rapeseed oil, wheat flour, salt, spices, herb, garlic paste, herb extracts and spices.

Re-heating guidelines

Place poppers on a ceramic plate. Set microwave power at 75% and run for one minute. Remove Poppers from microwave and check the core temperature of 72˚C has been achieved. Return to microwave if further heating is necessary.

Place bulk lots of frozen Poppers on an ovenable tray and heat until a core temperature of 72˚C has been achieved.
Adjust timings for product quantity and size as required.
Return to oven if further heating is necessary.