New product development is hugely important to Snowbird foods and the team, which has been considerably expanded, is justifiably proud of its reputation as one of the fastest in the industry to respond to new recipe challenges.

It deservedly won a major contract when it developed and delivered samples of a complex multi-ingredient Exotic Stuffing Ball inside 48 hours and signed off the project within two weeks. The first order was for 26 pallets!

Snowbird has provided a perfect environment in which the team can work – a new product development suite which is a factory in miniature, replicating all cooking and production practices. It is fitted with bowl cutters, mincers, mixers, extruders and formers and has a Teflon belt cooker, a steaming and roasting oven, a griddle, deep fryers and an industrial microwave.

Recipe control samples are held for six months and the unit has its own 20ft walk in (1500 cubic ft) deep freezer unit.

New equipment in the main factory has made NPD a glorious adventure, thanks to the combi cooking line which has a bar marking facility and enables more size, shape, weight and texture combinations to be introduced.

The awesome combination of the state-of-the-art NPD suite and the upgrading of the factory has enabled Snowbird to shine in the competition stakes with a multiplicity of awards now gracing the boardroom walls (see Honours Roll).

The New Product Development and Tech Team

This is the big ideas team that drives the new product development programme which makes Snowbird such an exciting manufacturing partner

New Product Development at Snowbird foods New Product Development at Snowbird foods