Now even better, everything we love about the Gourmet Range and more! Here at Snowbird foods our highest quality, 85% minimum pork content, traditional sausages are made from the finest fresh ingredients. Minced and mixed and filled into natural casings to create that firm, meaty texture and deliciously plump crescent shape. A complete range of cooking styles is incorporated in the Snowbird range: steamed, grilled, oven-baked, fried and traditionally smoked, if required, offering customers every style of cooking.

Fully cooked, golden brown and ready to reheat from frozen.

Full range of weights and sizes available from 12.5 gram cocktails through 30 gram chipolatas to standard 60 gram sausages and even bigger.

Recipes to try:

Chistora, Tuscan, Scotch Beef, Hot American, Cumberland, Olde English, Pork & Cider.

Features of the Gourmet Plus Range:

Low fat, low salt, low carbohydrate, high meat content, high protein and always high quality.

Olde English Pork Sausages

Olde English Pork Sausages

Serve on a layers tower of savoy cabbage and creamed mash surrounded by a moat of red wine gravy.

Pork and Cider Chipolatas

Pork & Cider Chipolatas

In a calvados and cream stroganoff sauce to top fluffy rice.

Cabaret Cocktail Sausages

Cabaret Cocktails

Ideal for party finger food – just thaw and serve. Delicious with a salsa and mustard dip.

Hot American Sausages

Hot American

Serve with jambalaya rice and roasted peppers.

Reheating Guidelines:

Microwave from frozen 800w: 1 x 60 gram sausage = 50 seconds.
Oven bake from frozen 200°c: 1 x 60 gram sausage = 4 minutes.
Adjust timings for product quantity and size.