There has been an explosion of growth over the last decade in the market for both frozen and chilled ready meals based on fully cooked comminuted meat products and recent high profile new product launches demonstrate that canners are also now expanding their interest.

Some of this growth can be traced to Snowbird foods as the company is a dominant force in the foodservice, sandwich and ready meals markets where the demand for its high quality, fully cooked and frozen comminuted meat products like sausages and meatballs have established it as a leading player in these sectors and thus an important supplier of key ingredients to the retail market.

The company was established in 1999 to manufacture fully cooked sausages and other comminuted meat products – a market that did not, at that time exist and it was a battle to find the niches for the products being offered.

Key to the subsequent selective growth of sales was a high-powered, high speed new product development team which has responded quickly to those manufacturers placed under pressure by customers seeking both true innovation and me-too ingredients for ready meals whilst exclusively using store-cupboard ingredients.

The activities of Snowbird and its competitors have seen the market for ready meals divide into super premium, premium, standard, value, healthy living and children’s segments with more popular dishes, like the company’s sausages teamed with mash, Snowbird appears in all of them!

The fully cooked business really began to grow when ready meal assemblers realised it was cheaper and more convenient to source sausages, meatballs and the like from a supplier which could guarantee to deliver on time whilst consistently meeting demanding quality and price specifications.. That proved a welcome and cost effective alternative to utilising its own expensive factory space to make, cook, freeze, pack and then store these ingredients.

Such realisation generated Snowbird’s multi million pound business, spread across almost every multiple private label and a surprising number of manufacturer brands. Seventy per cent of this is for frozen ready meals with the remaining 30% being accounted for by the chilled market.

Sausages are the bulk of the business and bespoke products based on the company’s Gourmet Plus range can have a meat content more than 90%. Established and consistent procurement methods mean the meat can be all British and from selected breeds of pig or (almost) anything else a customer seeks to specify!

Recipe ideas appear endless. Whole sausages go with mash, as the stars of Toad in the Hole, in Cumberland Sausage Pies, in casseroles and as a base for a selection of breakfast ideas. Horseshoes and ring shapes add variety. Sausage coins appear in soups (a new and fast growing snack meal segment), as the star of both pasta and pizza meals and in hand held snack pots.

Meatballs and Koftes provide variety, with a range of recipes for the former representing Foods of the World including traditional English, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Chinese and Indian cuisines.

All these products are also being utilised in the growing sectors for party platters, sharing food and children’s meals where mini meatballs and our new, tiny meat bites (for sprinkling) are popular.

In the hand held area, both length-split sausages and coin cuts feature in hot and cold sandwiches. Balls and koftes add interest to wraps.

Snowbird has also proved it is the “go-to” manufacturer when it comes to new ideas for the foodservice sector and in recent times has deservedly won nearly fifty industry awards for quality and innovation.

Now owned by its management, the company has a stable and therefore experienced and well trained work force and its planned programme of staff development has enabled promotion from within on the rare occasions when a senior member of staff retires, or moves on.

With a factory which has passed every technical examination at the highest possible level, Snowbird is now expanding its early interest in export markets – with a world beating selection of high quality, innovative fully cooked and frozen products.

For more information about Snowbird foods, its people, its products and its aspirations please enjoy the rest of this web site – it has been created to inform and for your pleasure and inspiration. Contact details are on the Our Departments Page.

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