There are exciting times ahead, thanks to our management’s purchase of Snowbird foods – your leading cooked sausage and meatballs supplier. We give the world our award-winning, fully cooked and frozen products and much, much more…

Snowbird foods is the UK’s leading supplier of fully cooked and frozen sausages and meatballs and its award-winning recipes, including low fat and low salt, have driven the development of these exciting niche markets into fast growing new sectors for the food industry.

Fully cooked and frozen sausages and meatballs have enabled ready meals manufacturers to offer exciting new recipes to retailers and, in foodservice, the speed with which fully cooked and frozen sausages and meatballs can be microwaved (in seconds) has been an award-winning hit in busy kitchens.

Consistent quality is synonymous with Snowbird foods and is one of the principle reasons for its success in developing new markets.

Fully cooked and frozen sausages and meatballs are not the only strings to the bow of Snowbird foods. Stuffing Balls are a hugely important part of the product portfolio and innovative koftes and shish have been successful solutions in both foodservice and ready meals markets.

Ultra convenient fully cooked products are becoming increasingly by popular with airline caterers, sandwich manufacturers, cost sector caterers and high volume fast food outlets.

Snowbird foods’ vision is to be the best manufacturer for the market sectors it serves and its commitment is to produce and sell high quality, fully cooked and frozen products tailored to the needs of individual customers, manufactured to the highest standards of food safety.

For more information about the management buy out see our News Section (Management Buys Big Ideas Company) and for the exciting ready meals and foodservice solutions see Our Products.

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